Dash Marshall

DM Strategy is an urban innovation consultancy. We help foundations, institutions, and forward-thinking corporations design ways to lead cultural, technological, and urban change.

How? By conducting research to frame the problem well; leading innovation workshops that invent new ways forward; and acting as producer to bring those ideas to life.


Using design ethnography methods we get to know your stakeholders, including those inside your organization, your competitors, and the historical context of the problem or project. Our research concludes with a reframing of the problem, a presentation of the insights we discovered, and a series of formulated design briefs so your next steps are clear.


The workshops we organize are focused on invention. We adopt your problem as our own, develop a briefing that allows participants to get up to speed quickly, curate a group of specialists, and lead the group as it collectively sets to work multiplying potential avenues forward. The final product of our workshops is a portfolio of ten or more interrelated design options, each sketched out with enough detail that you can weigh their pros and cons.


Taking an idea from sketch to final product is a messy process. On select occasions we partner with our clients by embedding with their team to act as design director for the duration of a project. In these situations we ensure that design work at all levels is creative, beautiful, and aligned with the organization’s mission.

Additional Projects


Strengthening NYC’s Branch Libraries

We helped the Center for an Urban Future envision a strategy to get NYC’s branch libraries the attention they desperately need, revitalize their physical condition, and reimagine the library as the center of the city’s social infrastructure