Dash Marshall

We take on strategy projects that seek to reimagine the built environment and the institutions that shape it. In this work we help our partners envision how cities can evolve, both physically and strategically, in light of social and technical innovation.

Our approach to this work begins by researching and reframing the challenge; we design new possibilities, often including workshops with key stakeholders; and we deliver strategic plans to guide forward effort.

Our work is grounded in the techniques and approaches developed at Helsinki Design Lab, which was co-founded by one of Dash Marshall’s principals. We have evolved those practices into what we now call civic futures.


A Possible Philadelphia

Developing a strategic vision for the future of civic assets across the city of Philadelphia


When a Branch Becomes the Root

Envisioning a pathway to enhanced relevance for branch libraries in NYC by converting deferred maintenance into an opportunity for increased visibility

New Philanthropy

Art & philanthropy in the next decade

Helping MoMA rethink the relationship between art and philanthropy in the 21st Century

Future of Work

Framing the Future of Work

Developing a framework to understand and design for the needs of today’s independent workers