Dash Marshall

Face Haus came to us as a growing company, ready to expand from their home base in California to the rest of the country. We created a flexible design system for their shops and then deployed it in Dallas and New York. The company offers facials in a lively atmosphere, using great products, for a low price. The shops are designed to look great, install quickly, and not break the bank.

Here’s a look at NYC.

FOH two wings

Looking toward Menu

The retail area is organized around a ‘communal table’ that offers guests a place to wait and socialize. Wrapping around the communal table is a custom retail system inspired by nordic forests and—yes—our deep and continuing study of Alvar Aalto.

Looking toward POS

Vertical posts span from floor to ceiling, allowing this system to deploy anywhere. Wooden shelves create a product display area. Tambour panels provide a visual screen between the front of house and the service area.

The system includes three basic modules: one foot, three foot, and curved pieces. Combining these allows a high degree of flexibility to meet any footprint.

System axo Axonometric drawing showing the modules and components of our retail system.

Shelf detail - elevation

Shelf detail - vertical

Shelf detail - vertical

Geometric swing chairs provide options for guests while they wait. The wooden legs of custom stools and the communal table bring the boreal forest into the waiting area.

Finland Forest Snapshot from a trek through the woods in Finland

Swing Detail - Stools - vertical

The heart of the shop is an array of functional and tidy stations, making the service efficient for estheticians and comfortable for guests. When not in use, the stations close up and tuck away to eliminate visual clutter in the space.

section Section looking South

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Floor Plan Floor Plan

Looking to FOH


Photos by Mark Wickens