Dash Marshall

Sometimes our clients need full service design and delivery. Other times they want quick advice about a potential property purchase. We’re comfortable with both.

Full design services

Our design starts with the people who will use the spaces we create. Our research process allows us to understand their rituals and routines so that we may help them reinforce the ones they want to keep, downplay the ones they don’t, or create new ones entirely. The process begins with discussion and analysis of the aspects of a project—human, geographic, logistical, bureaucratic, and economic—aligning them all to support the rituals and routines of the space and its occupants.

When a final design proposal has been approved, we handle the messy parts of bidding and negotiating with builders and visit the construction site regularly to make sure everything is being done to plan.


Dash is available to provide site visits and rapid consultation on what’s possible within the constraints of a given property. This helps you have the confidence that the purchase will be right for you today as well as tomorrow, if and when your needs change.

We use our knowledge of design and construction to help you spot hidden opportunities and keep an eye out for lurking risks.


We work with brokers and property managers to provide analysis and visualization of development opportunities. This includes the creation of concepts that help a property reach its highest and best use, as well as the production of photorealistic renderings for use in the sales process.