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Why we do it

Dash thinks that architecture & interiors, buildings & cities can be better. Not only should they be more inspired and joyous, but they should help us live, work, and play more effectively.

We built a multi-disciplinary design studio so that we can work towards this ambition in the most effective way possible, from the design of spaces to strategies, and everything in between.

Further Thoughts

From time to time we write about the ideas behind our work, challenges of contemporary design practice, and other topics that no one really wants to read about on a design studio’s website, but they may enjoy reading about in a different context. If you’re into that sort of thing, visit Dash Marshall / Civic Futures on Medium. We also kept this old FAQ from 2011.

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Saarinen Pin

From time to time we design and manufacture small items like posters, books, pins, and cards. They’re good as gifts and are priced reasonably. Find something nice at shop.dashmarshall.com.


Matter Battle: 45 Lessons Learned

Matter Battle: 45 Lessons Learned is a 144 page volume containing photographs, diagrams, drawings, and text describing our projects. The “lessons” are a collection of general purpose observations that we’ve developed while completing the projects in the book, so we like to think of this as a kind of DIY manual. It also comes with a companion booklet that is nothing but nice photos on glossy paper. If that sounds like the sort of thing you would like to have, you can purchase a copy at the Dash Shop.

Recent Press

For full listing see our press page, but here are the recent highlights:


Dash Marshall was founded by Amy Yang, Ritchie Yao, and Bryan Boyer in 2009.

Amy Yang

Amy manages the complicated logistical, bureaucratic, and construction aspects required to bring beautiful projects to life. She developed her skills while working as Project Architect at Toshiko Mori Architect in New York City on a variety of projects for private clients, universities, and the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation. Amy holds a Master of Architecture I degree from Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation and a BS in Art and Design from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Ritchie Yao

Before co-founding Dash Marshall, Ritchie cut his teeth working for some of the world’s leading architects. At Rem Koolhaas’ Office of Metropolitan Architecture he worked on a 25-story housing tower and Cornell University’s Milstein Hall. At David Adjaye Associates he was a core part of the team working on the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. Ritchie holds a Master of Architecture I degree from Harvard Graduate School of Design and a BSE in Environmental Studies from University of Waterloo.

Bryan Boyer

Bryan leads the studio’s Civic Futures practice, working with clients such as Google, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Knight Foundation. Prior to Dash Marshall, Bryan was a founding member of Helsinki Design Lab, working under the auspices of the Finnish Parliament to improve public institutions through design. Bryan holds a Master of Architecture I degree from Harvard Graduate School of Design and a BFA in Interior Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design.


Current (alphabetical order)

Bryan Boyer, Francesca Girardi, James Kwon, Amy Yang, Ritchie Yao


Karun Chughasrani, Elise Cloutier, Jessica Lam, Cindy Lan, Brandon Lim, Jun Nam, Carry Pak, Laura Woodall

Regular collaborators

TwoPoints, Might Could, Bits and Atoms, Re:Public, Snowcone & Haystack, Justin W. Cook, Center for Complexity at RISD, Institute for Design and Public Policy at RISD, Mark Wickens, Kustaa Saksi, and Hot Tea.


Full time

We do not currently have any open full time positions.


At any given time we have a small number of interns on our team. Interns in NYC focus on architecture but will have some opportunity to contribute to strategy projects if they are interested. Interns in Detroit focus on strategy but will have the opportunity to be involved in architecture from time to time. We pay a fair wage to all interns based on their experience and responsibilities on our team.

In addition to gaining practical experience with the research, conceptualization, development, and production of architecture, interns will also have a view of the ins-and-outs of running an entrepreneurial design studio.

Interested individuals may send a digital CV and portfolio via the contact information below. Please indicate which office you are applying to (Detroit/NYC). We hire people, not robots, so use the cover letter to tell us who you are and why you want to be part of Dash Marshall. Graphs or infographics depicting your skill levels are unnecessary but if you insist, please indicate a scale. We suggest the scale of zero to Lina Bo Bardi. Inquiries sent with a generic cover letter will be ignored.


You may reach us by sending email to info (at) dashmarshall.com. We will get back to you as soon as the current pace of work permits.