Dash Marshall

It’s hard to see art when the four monitors on your desk present a panorama of multi-colored lines dancing in sync with the fluctuations of global capital.

When the traders who occupy this office do take a moment to look up from their desk, they are surrounded by artwork that carries the same colors into a new territory of abstract meaning.


To let the art be the focus, we installed a simple, luminous ceiling. The floor is intentionally plain.

In the main trading area, what’s left is a floor to ceiling installation of multi-colored rope and excellent views.


We invited artist Hot Tea to produce an installation along one wall. An array of colored ropes change in perception as you view it from different angles—sometimes nearly invisible and sometimes vibrant.

Raking View


In a private office, we invited Kustaa Saksi to create a pair of tapestries that frame the view uptown (and improve acoustics).

Tapestry Room

Though it appears that very little has been done in these office spaces, our work was to erase all distractions. Nothing but art, views, and arbitrage remains.

Photos by Mark Wickens