Dash Marshall

This micro-sized mixed-use project is a courtyard building for the low density landscape of Detroit. Around the central void are spaces for entry, work, and cooking. A small suite upstairs includes bedroom and bathroom.

Site Plan

It is a demonstration that contemporary workspaces offer a positive, small-scale infill opportunity for Detroit’s “20 Minute Neighborhoods.”

Diagram showing use Diagram showing use Diagram showing use

The courtyard acts as a multipurpose space that provides an extra room when needed.

Exterior view

The tower addresses Gratiot, a nearby thoroughfare. The form and detailing of the structure gives a nod to the Art Deco Goeschel Building a few blocks away.

Exterior view

Exterior view

Utilizing the courtyard and a system of unique light scoops, the interior benefits from generous indirect illumination.

Diagram of light bouncing Light entering via the courtyard is bounced off of the building’s small tower or filtered by vegetation.

Diagram of light bouncing Axonometric detail of scoops carved from the thickness of the roof to introduce indirect light to the interior.

Interior View View of the library/workspace

Interior View View of the kitchen (island and fittings not shown)

Elevation image in the style of Gregory Crewdson

Floor Plans Left: Ground Floor. Right: Upper floor.