Dash Marshall

Korilla is a growing food business serving seasonal Korean cuisine via popular food trucks. We helped them translate their early success into a spatial concept that is both true to their roots and fresh, like their food. For a brand that started on the streets of NYC, we reconnected them with their roots by developing a space that draws on the streetwear aesthetic embraced by their followers. Eat right, look sharp.

texture solo meal solo walker

In a nod to the company’s start as an itinerant food truck, we treated the restaurant as a permanent pop-up. Inside the shell of existing walls and floor we landed a communal table, mechanical chandelier, kitchen and serve line detailed in smokey polycarbonate, and a blackened ceiling grid.

popup axo

Ordering with person walking

view towards POS

Using built-in winches, the chandelier can be adjusted to spice up the space.


Yeezylier Photo Sequence Yeezylier Photo Sequence Yeezylier Photo Sequence Yeezylier Photo Sequence

After hours, the chandelier is lowered and the brand’s namesake tiger is placed on the table to create an installation visible from the street.

Night light

Photos by Mark Wickens