Project ID
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
New Build

A solar powered, passively cooled, rainwater-collecting house for a large family getaway in the US Virgin Islands. The complex is a designed with a crinkled roof system shaped like waves in the sea.

Rendering of the compound as seen from the sea
Axonometric view of the seaside compound
Diagram of environmental systems integrating with architecture

The carefully orchestrated double roof system allows for optimized collection of rainwater to fill a cistern, solar energy, and wind that powers passive cooling via an array of architectural snorkels.

The complex cascades down the hillside towards the ocean, maintaining views for all bedrooms. Three existing structures on the site have been integrated into the complex, providing sentimental value and auxiliary services.

The compound is comprised of renovated existing structures, new builds, and a terraced landscape
View of the guest bathrooms
Primary bedroom