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Bloomberg Philanthropies and Aspen Institute Center for Urban Innovation

Joint venture with:

Bits and Atoms


Might, Could (Graphic Design)

Push the Red Button (Code)

We built the first global survey of autonomous vehicles (AVs) to help cities learn from each other.

The Global Atlas of Autonomous Vehicles in Cities was debuted at CityLab Paris in November 2017 and will be maintained and updated through 2018. It is one of multiple resources that we created, together with urban planning studio Bits and Atoms, to support the Bloomberg Aspen Initiative on Cities and Autonomous Vehicles.

Click here to view the Atlas.

Atlas screenshot

Echoing the Initiative’s focus on local government, the Atlas tracks cities around the world where the municipality is involved in piloting AVs or preparing to do so. Each entry is presented as a short briefing that includes algorithmically generated suggestions for other cities that are addressing similar topics.

Atlas screenshot

The content is the focus, of course, but one of our favorite visual details is the use of city street networks in the background of each page.

Atlas screenshot

The Atlas started with a survey of three dozen cities to understand what they were doing in terms of AV pilots, policymaking, and planning. The results of this survey helped us create a taxonomy of priorities, partners, and uses that provide filtered views of global AV-related activity. For instance, you can quickly see which other cities are partnering with universities or who is exploring the use of AVs for paratransit.

Atlas screenshot Atlas screenshot

Atlas screenshot

The Atlas was launched at CityLab 2017 in Paris. Photo courtesy of Bloomberg Philanthropies.

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